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Celebrating Food!

When I was in college and in my second year (1996) little did I know that food science and nutrition would change my whole perception regarding Indian cuisine. The more I started reading different cuisine from various parts of India, the more I learned how it affects people's daily life. It was amazing that simple dishes that my mom,  my aunts, or even our friends and neighbors cooked, the balance of different ingredients, and the culinary history of an amazing cooking tradition developed. Over thousands of years, it was refined. This alone kept me amazed and from that time, I have worked and learned what I can do to heal people towards positive energy, food, and spices as a chef.
As part of my culinary journey, I always loved studying the culinary history of a country and how it developed. Of all cultures, India amazed me the most. I have no doubt to the depth of my soul that through God's blessings Indian cuisine contains one of the most advanced culinary sciences in the world.
Every dish we make at Kebab & Curry has a traditional history to it. During the 47 year journey of my heart, soul, and dreams, it has been tested. Every day after work while I'm cleaning my kitchen the only question that comes to mind is how can I make a difference? How can I make my customers feel good after they have their meal!
It was a very big challenge for me to give this culinary journey a commercial look, especially in Mississippi. I hope and pray that God Almighty gives me the strength and the vision that I keep sharing my knowledge and learn as I go: so more and more customers get to experience and enjoy my cooking!
Please pass the word around! Come and eat! As business increases, I would love to include live cooking demonstrations as part of my buffet. What a joy it would be to start cooking classes! Can you imagine the thrill that maybe one day, we could have competitions together-- where different customers could come together and cook their curries!
Let's do something different for all of us...Let's celebrate food ...a divine, delicious blessing from God.
    -Chef Jeetender Anand