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Curry - Daily Lunch Specials
Kebab & Curry - Madison

House Curry

A traditional curry, your choice of meat cooked with onions, tomato, ginger, garlic, coconut and cilantro

Daily Special Curry Choices:Fresh Chicken +17.99Lamb +20.99Fresh Goat +21.99Shrimp +19.99
Choose Your Spice Level::Mild Medium Spicy Indian Spicy Extra Spicy Extra Extra Spicy
Daily Special Naan Option:Plain Naan Garlic Naan +1.99Chili & Garlic Naan +2.99Onion Kulcha Naan +3.99Aloo Naan +3.99Paneer Kulcha Naan +3.99Bhature +1.99Tandoori Roti +1.99Lachha Paratha +3.99No Naan Extra Rice No Rice Extra Naan Garlic roti +3.99
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