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Kebab & Curry - Madison


We take the ingredient of your choice, marinate it in ginger, garlic paste, and turmeric, battered in a lentil and rice flour mixture and deep fry to perfection.
Your Choices...
Mixed Vegetable 7.99 | Onion 9.99 | Chicken 10.99 | Catfish 10.99 | Paneer (Indian Cheese) 10.99

Pakora Choices:Mixed Vegetables +7.99Onion +9.99Chicken +10.99Catfish +10.99Paneer (Indian Cheese) +10.99
Choose Your Spice Level::Mild +0.00Extra Mild Medium Spicy +0.00Indian Spicy +0.00Extra Spicy +0.00Extra Extra Spicy +0.00
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